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Timmy Trumpet X Aronchupa - "Albatraoz Freaks"

Genre/Tags: Trap, Mashup, Furture Bass

From Timmy Trumpet and Aronchupa, I have not only merged the two but have made them into a trap masterpiece (in my opinion anyway). Enjoy the mashup!

Beatremus - Grenade (Grenada)

Genre/Tags: Dance, EDM, Bigroom

Using a drop callout from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, I bring you one of my personal favorites, "Grenade". Happy Valentines Day and keep listening!


 Beatremus - Tranquility

Genre/Tags: Calming, Peaceful 

Tranquility is defined as being in the state of being free from mental and emotional disturbance. Hopefully this new track can make you feel that sense of peace. Enjoy! 

(This track will be included in the upcoming album)

Beatremus - Ballad of the Beauty ¬†ūüĎĎ

Genre/Tags: Jazz, Melodic, Calming

Hello everyone! Long time no upload! I'm VERY excited to release this WAY overdue track by Beatremus (and Beatremus alone). Be sure to hit that share button and I hope to see you again soon. Have a good day!

(This track will be included in the upcoming album)

Drake - Too Much (Egyptian Remix) 

Genre/Tags: Bass, Trap, Electronic


Introducing my new remix made with the help of PRODBYDAYRO. We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned. 

Jacques Le Noir - Fly With Me (Beatremus Remix)

Genre/Tags: Dance, New, EDM

Hello Beatremus fans! Happy Friday! Enjoy this new song made with the the assistance of DC10 Records for the vocals. Thanks for listening and stay tuned!

Disclaimer: Vocal credit goes to DC10 Records. I do not own or claim to own the rights to the vocals.

Beatremus & DJ Muse - Darkness

Genre: Short, EDM, Dubstep, Progressive House

Hi Beatremus fans! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Now let me help get you back into the daily grind with a new single made with the help of DJ Muse. Enjoy!

Beatremus & R01D - Higher

Genre: Chill, Short, Relaxing

Hello Beatremus'ers. Sorry for the extended upload times. The better the songs are...the longer they take! Anyway, enjoy this short single from us and RO1D...just to experiment. Sit back, relax, and indulge in my most relaxing song I've created.

Mako - Our Story (Beatremus and EMOTI0NS Remix)

Genre: Remix, EDM, Dubstep,

Hi Beatremus Fans! Long time, no upload. I've been working very hard to present you this remix. With a HUGE help from my friend EMOTIONS. I give you a masterpiece recreated and re-imagined from Mako's "Our Story". Enjoy!


Genre: Dance Music, EDM, Dubstep


-Sprinkle 1 minute and 46 seconds of awesome beats

- Add hundreds (About 436 weekly)  of awesome listeners


Bam...That's my new song. (I don't feel like putting a description on this one) Nonetheless, Enjoy! (Song gets interesting at 0:55)

Sui Generis¬†ūüĎĎ

Genre: Melodic,  Instrumental, Dubstep, EDM

Greetings Beatremus viewers! I are super excited to give you this track. The name "Sui Generis" is latin for 'one-of-a-kind', which is exactly what this is!  Using a new software, weIhave been able to complete a song worthy of another listen. Enjoy one of my favorites!


Genre: Electronica

Hello Beatremus fans! In celebration to 1,500 views (Yes, you heard right), I have changed a few things. But if you want more information check out the 'Home' page. Anyway, indulge in a mystic (hence the name) and tranquil single sure to take you to your happy place. Enjoy!

Trap Crave¬†ūüĎĎ

Genre: Trap

 Hello Beatremus Fans! Happy Early Turkey Day (Thanksgiving)! I am excited to announce my first trap genre song ever on Beatremus. Featuring a catchy hip-hop-like beat and rhythm. Feel free to rock your head to this one! And again, stay tuned for more!

When Dimensions Fall

Genre: Classical / Ballad

 Welcome to the Milky Way (or wherever universe you're from)! This track is sure to make you go into a melodic trance. It is nice and calm..a nice cooldown from my other songs and aimed more towards the more 'chill' listeners. Stay tuned! And stay awesome! (P.S: The popping in audio is intentional)

When the Clock Strikes Twelve...

Genre: (Whimsical) Electronica

Happy Thursday once again, Beatremus Fans! You might as well call this a warm-up to the upcoming Halloween single that will be released sometime soon. I can't wait 'til then! Stay tuned Beatremus fans!

Back to Basics

Genre: Ragtime

Happy Thursday! I went back to the basics on this one (hence the name). Featuring a ragtime piano theme and wonderful melodies accompanying it. Take this musical time machine to the 1900's with us! And stay tuned!

Golden Eclipse¬†ūüĎĎ

Genre: Soft rock

In dedication to Sunday night's rare 'Blood Moon', I've made a woozy and out-of-this world song with an epic guitar solo in the middle! You'll enjoy it! And I've made this one a little bit longer than the others...So listen and keep in contact with me! And stay tuned!

The Ghost's Lullaby¬†ūüĎĎ

ÔĽŅGenre:¬†ÔĽŅChill Electronica¬†

The Ghost's lullaby was a simple name to come up with...Do you know how? The rhythm is smooth and spooky, as if a spirit was inside the song. And the lullaby is the melodic beat of the track. Something so simple, yet so complicated. Enjoy!

The Chills of Summer

Genre: (Whimsical) Electronica

Need help relaxing after my last hardcore dubstep song The Renegade? Well here's an antidote! Kick back, Relax, and enjoy! 


Genre: Dubstep Rock

I went all out on this song! This is HARDCORE dubstep! So if you're a wild listener you'll love this! Stay tuned!

The Dark Dance

Genre: House

ÔĽŅHere's to 100 views at Beatremus! And to the 5th song/mashup/classic! Featuring a soothing melody that still is worthy of an epic dance party! Keep on listening!

Vetrolic Withering 

Genre: Dubstep / EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Get ready to dance with this new tune from Beatremus! I will warn you though, if you listen to this in class you may make some noise tapping your foot to this hypnotizing rhythm. Enjoy! And stay tuned for more!

Pompeii VS Safe and Sound VS Radioactive 

Genre: Remix / Mashup

Made with the help of my good friends at Men of Mashups...Here's a mighty mashup delivered to you! Featuring Bastille with Pompeii, Capital Cities with Safe and Sound, and Imagine Dragons with Radioactive.


Copies of this mashup have been released on Youtube, I have notified the creators and have asked them to take the videos down. If you see any other owners besides Man of Mashups notify them and/or Beatremus. Thank you for your understanding.

**Copyright Infringement Not Intended Towards The Owners of the Origianl Songs**

Liquid Electro¬†ūüĎĎ

Genre: EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Welcome to Beatremus! Here's my first song of this site and there is many MANY more to come so stay tuned!